Only 12 Inches Away From Me

me_i_1From herein I think you should all call me Muggins, for I am one of the hundreds of saps out there that splashed out £11.99 on one track. For the mathematicians amongst you, that’s £1 per inch, minus the 1p for the hole in the middle.

Such is my dedication to the Spiky Dread cause, when I heard Grace Jones’ long lost cover of Tubeway Army would be getting a limited release on Record Store Day, I actually considered getting up at the crack of dawn to join the queue at my local vinyl emporium.

RSDIn actual fact, I rolled into Soho mid afternoon; the early morning rush of RSD actually seems to go against everything which attracted me to the world of music in the first place but despite it’s many flaws, I can’t complain that for one day a year the world’s ever decreasing number of record stores get a helpful push and a lot of press (even if in Soho, most people appear to spend the day on the street with no sign of having bought anything – me included).

Moans subsiding, let’s listen to the track – another Sly & Robbie-led stepper in a similar vain to Jones’ rework of She’s Lost Control, retrieved from the Nightclubbing recording sessions from ’81, and remastered along with the rest of the LP, we give you Me! I Disconnect From You.

And here’s Grace back home performing My Jamaican Guy live with Sly & Robbie and none other than Coati Mundi (who also uploaded the clip) on congas…



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