Juz Can’t Get Enough

Dif1I’m afraid I don’t really have enough time to do this band justice today but seeing as this wont be the last time we visit Dif Juz who’s dub-infused soundscapes sit at the more creative end of the Skank Blog spectrum, I’ll let the music do most of the talking for once.

Briefly… Dif Juz formed in 1980 following guitarist Alan Curtis’ departure from some struggling Birmingham band who called themselves Duran Duran. Enlisting the help of his brother David, plus bassist Gary Bromley and multi-instrumentalist Richard Thomas, Curtis turned post-punk’s jagged dissonance into ethereal textures, experimenting with dub deconstruction and jazz timings (Dif Juz stood for “different jazz”), leading to the posthumous accolade of inventing post-rock over a decade before the term was coined.

dif3A six year career left us with a handful of stunning EP’s and one album proper, so let’s start at the start with their debut release on Ivo Watts-Russell’s fledgling 4AD label, 1981’s Huremics EP featuring 4 instrumentals, the 3rd of which is the polyrhythmic rocker Mi with Bromley’s bass bubbling at it’s epicentre…

And as I can’t chat anymore about Dif Juz right now, here’s Dereck Higgins with some thoughts on the subject…



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