Almost Famous

fame1There appears to be almost no info online regarding this record, which is both mildly frustrating and beautifully absurd given that the name of the group is Famous 4. Equally curious, the 4 appeared to be a three piece, with this EP being “dedicated to the fourth man”.

Hume Tunes 1 also suggests there were more releases planned but sadly all we have are these 4 tracks (and one uncredited dub) to go by.

And the dub is of course what I’m alerting your skanky ears to today, though that’s not to say this selection of fair-game genre pilfering post-punk (ska, reggae and disco all get the Famous mistreatment) isn’t worth a few minutes of your time.

fame2With very little to go on aside the presence of Mark Lusardi, the go-to guy for sparse dubbed out mixes and famed for his work with everyone from Dennis Bovell to Killing Joke, I can only assume that Lusardi had his hand in the lusciously EQ’d mix of their jilted and spiky take on lovers rock I Want That Girl. Whoever’s responsible, I’d like to formally commend them on one of the finest rimshots ever committed to tape. Obviously the rest of the track is nice too…

And how about a bit of dislocated disco, featuring Mick Lynch’s jacking keys which seem to preempt early house despite this record coming out back in 1981.

As ever with these mystery releases, if anyone has any info on the whereabouts of the not so famous messrs Giz, Ygor and Lynch, then please drop us a line.


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