Humanoids From The Deep

Fish1Continuing with our ‘not quite’ punky reggae theme, today’s selection is brought to you by a somewhat elusive bunch of lads from Cambridge, known collectively as Fish Turned Human.

Despite having had their brilliant debut e.p, 1978’s Turkeys in China, in my possession for almost two decades the paucity of available information means that my entire knowledge of the band can be summed up in three facts: 1. they released two singles during their fleeting career 2. Andy Metcalfe of The Soft Boys was briefly their bassist, and 3. one of them may or may not be the son of left wing avant garde composer Cornelius Cardew.

Fish2All four tracks from Turkeys are absolutely stunning pieces of 60s-tinted psych punk, but there are two in particular that stray subtly onto the plains of reggae and thus onto SBB’s humble pages and hopefully our readers’ hearts all at the same time.

Whilst Porky’s Minion offsets its funky lope and Robyn Hitchcock-esque vocal with a lovely organ-led semi-skank, and the rousing 24 Hour Shop strikes up a few brief bars of a similar nature at its very beginning, neither one could really be classified as punky reggae in itself.

Fish3But at the moment that’s precisely the kind of thing we’re focusing on, so ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy these two little crackers before we tighten the reins once again:

(Dread Zed)

And for fun, here is the great Say it with Flowers by Missing Presumed Dead, who contained various members of Fish Turned Human at various different points:

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