Citizen Cane

congealed1There’s almost nothing I can tell you about this record other than how much I love it’s curious concoction of fuzzy rock-reggae with an unusual nod of jangly folk guitar.

What I do know, from a fairly fruitless search, is Cane & Able were in fact citizens of Boston, with Engineering duties credited to Ted St Pierre who was also responsible for The Gremies’ tribute to the local surfing community No Surfin’ In Dorchester Bay, replete with a dissonant dub mix.

cane&ableIn fact it’s Cane & Able’s own dub which I urge you to check out today. The vocal version has it’s merits of course but once stripped of acoustic janglings and slightly iffy accents, there’s room amidst the razor sharp hi-hats and bubbling organ for some top notch dub trickery, namely the growling wurlitzer, ring-shifted into an angry arpeggiating stupor mid track.

With plans for Spiky Dread volume 2 already in the works, let’s hope either Cane or Able come forward to shed some more light on this self released (i think) anomaly from ’79 but until then, feast your ears on Le Vice Anglais…

And the vocal version Citizen Of Babylon.

I’ve also finally realised what’s been missing from every other post on here – a dog driving around listening to surf-wave, so thanks to whoever uploaded this clip, here’s The Gremies No Surfin’ In Dorchester Bay…


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5 Responses to Citizen Cane

  1. chris maher says:

    This is Cane l Bass, jangly acoustic guitar, and lead vocal. Also wrote most of the song. We recorded it at Electro-Acoustic Sound in 1979. Thanks for including us

  2. chris maher says:

    I`m here to give credits where credits are due on the lost 45 CITIZEN OF BABYLON/bw LE VICE ANGLAIS(dub) on our indie label, Congealed Records. When I say “our” I refer to myself(CANE) and my then close friend and collaborator, Bob Toomey(ABLE).
    We co-wrote CITIZEN, though I had most of it done on guitar before I presented it to Bob. I have to admit he came up wiith some brilliant nuances.
    So we thought we had a million-seller on our greedy hands. So in we troop to the studio where the Pixies had just recorded, hoping for a hit. Here is the lineup of those sessions: Ricci la Centra on drums, Able on keyboards and backup vocals, Rupert Brooke on electric guitar(that lick that comes out of nowhere in the middle), me on lead vocals, bass, and acoustic guitar, and Denis Kelly on Synthesizer treatments of all of the above.We never did sell that million. If anyone’s interested I will tell you what became of us. I`m still gigging…

  3. chris maher says:

    A few words on “Le Vice Anglais.” And no, I am not revealing what it means. Strictly speaking, this is not a dub in the sense that we took the tracks from side A (Citizen) and screwed around with them. As I recall, Correct me if I`m wrong, Ricci, Denis, Bob, and I went back to the studio minus Rupert and my acoustic guitar. We all laid down new parts. Once Ricci and I did the rhythm tracks we drank beers while Bob, Denis, and engineer Ted St Pierre did their thing at the mixing board. Production credit for the single deservedly goes to Bob Toomey, but “I say” Denis eaarned at least an assistant producer nod. Ciao for now, Cane

  4. chris maher says:

    I want to thank everyone who listened to and liked CITIZEN. It is kinda weird to find it has become popular after 34 years here and on YouTube. It is also weird that none of us has received a penny in royalties. C`est la vie say the old folks. It goes to show you never can tell. Chuck Berry via PULP FICTION


  5. Cousin ray says:

    This will soon be a pn anthem in a movie about the Iraq war…..stay away from my town…..I don’t want to see it burnt to the ground….

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