Hoosier Daddies

gizmos1Our regular readers may recall the earthy (and unearthly) delights of last summer’s Crap Punk Reggae Week, and given the high quality material we’ve served up since then I feel a stinker is in order. The imaginatively-titled Reggae Song by The Gizmos will do very nicely.

These flared-trousered nincompoops surfaced from the garages of Bloomington, Indiana in 1976 to inflict their brand of frat boy pillockery upon the record-buying public with the likes of Muff Divin’, Gimme Back My Foreskin and Pumpin’ to Playboy, and boy howdy, I wish they hadn’t. The sort of bottom-of-the-barrel bandwagon jumpers often held up as ‘proto-punks’ because they sang slightly risqué songs before the Sex Pistols became famous, The Gizmos could perhaps be described more accurately as an inept Lynyrd Skynyrd.

gizmos2By contrast to much of their other material, 1980’s Reggae Song is actually not that bad, though it is by no means what you would call ‘good’ either. The overall impression is that of a track that started out as a piss-take and turned into a semi-legitimate stab at reggae somewhere along the way.


It is unclear as to when this band of merry men finally called it a day, though at some point in the early 80s main Gizmos Eddie Flowers and Rich Coffee relocated to LA to pursue careers in various low rent garage bands associated with the Sympathy for the Record Industry label.

Probably a safer bet than their reggae outings, at any rate…

(Dread Zed)

And here is a freshly shorn and tight-trousered Gizmos with a punked up version of Al Green’s Take Me to the River from 1977 (gotta love the bike in the foreground):

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