Any Which Way You Can

can1Having once delved into Krautrock’s skankier corners with Faust’s proto-spiky moment The Sad Skinhead, it’s time to look at Cologne’s Kraut originators Can, who snuck a brace of Bickendorf bubblers into the British charts via the surprise success of their psych-disco stomper I Want More in 1976, on the cusp of punk’s UK choke-hold.

Chances are if you’ve read this far you’re no doubt a fellow music bore, well versed in Can’s catalogue, having lost friends and ruined relationships from endlessly banging on about how you think their pre Damo Suzuki work is less focused but at times more accomplished, whilst waiting for some Turkish psych LP’s to show up in the post.

If you don’t have a beard however, then you should definitely check out Can’s flourishing output, starting with these spiky(ish) dreads below, namely the title track and Babylonian Pearl from their 8th studio album Flow Motion

Speaking of beards, here’s Noel Edmonds introducing Can’s brief fling with the hit parade on Top Of The Pops…

And speaking of Noel Edmonds, here’s the disco dub of the Saturday Swap Shop theme tune I once spent a grueling 40 minutes on for the intro of my old radio show…


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