Buttery Biscuit Bass

fod1Well, skankfans, the cold countdown to Christmastide is finally underway; the holly hangs from the walls of the workhouse, and mum’s mixing egg nog in the bath while wee Timmy searches vainly in the snow for his lost cap.

Here in the warm confines of Skank Towers we’re enjoying a different sort of countdown however – one that for us defines the true spirit of Yule far better than mince pies and a swift crippler beneath the mistletoe ever could – proudly we present to you yet another splendid stocking-filler from our forthcoming Spiky Dread collection.

fod2This is not the first time that South London squonksters Family Fodder have graced these pages, and given the highly eclectic nature of their sumptuous back catalogue it may not be the last.

The Family’s contribution to Spiky Dread is Bass Adds Bass; a bewitching bite of post punk dub from their first full length LP Monkey Banana Kitchen, replete with the echo-drenched murmurings and twitterings of Alig Fodder and his eccentric friends.

The liquid lilt of Bass Adds Bass certainly bears some of FF’s avant-garde hallmarks, and though it may appear positively restrained next to much of their gloriously gonzoid output, it suffers not one jot as a result.

fod3So draw your armchair closer to the hearth, swill the final sherry of the evening round in your chipped china mug, and be sure to turn up the bass for Christmas…

(Dread Zed)

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