Somma In The City

sir1I’ve spent years refuting the poxy idea that reggae is strictly sunshine music but sat here today desperately clinging to the radiator, I kind of wish that Spiky Dread didn’t back up my argument quite so successfully.

Of course there’s a few warmer moments, such as Chantage’s take on The Wailers’ Do It Twice but for today’s selection from the LP, I’ve foolishly picked the fractured and frozen Sommadub by a certain Mancunian post-punk-jazz outfit under the one off guise of Sir Horatio.

On the licensing hunt for this one I wound up speaking to A Certain Ratio’s Jez Kerr who explained “We were listening to a lot of dub at the time, difficult not to, living so adjacent to Moss side… we recorded these tracks during the ‘Sextet’ recordings and wanted to make a dub 12inch.” sir2And sure enough they did, via Rock Steady Records, a label run by Sun’s Of Arqa main man Michael Wadada, and also the home to The Cro-Tones Tea Machine Dub which I mentioned a while back.

I’d tell you more but my hands are freezing up, so instead please head over to the Rongorongo shop to help pay for my heating bill, and whilst your waiting, get somma this down you…

And how about some live footage from ’82 at The Hacienda, no doubt around the time Tony Wilson supposedly proclaimed that jazz is “what people do if they can’t get a proper gig”.


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