My Spike Sounds Nice, Check One…

Spiky Dread frontSo after many a mention, much hair-pulling, and months of listening to piles of punky-reggae records, Spiky Dread is finally ready to hit the shops on December 17th on our new label Rongorongo, and you can bag yourself a copy today if you head over to the Rongorongo shop.

We’ll be featuring a few of the tracks contained within over the next few weeks but whilst you’re umming and arring over whether or not to part with your well earned cash, let me tell you a little about what we’ve put together.

Spiky Dread: Issue One features a selection of cuts covering all aspects of the punky reggae experience from 1978 to 1984, some famous, some infamous and one that’s appearing on record for the first time since it was recorded 30 years ago.

68416_349038515192159_1466157110_nRegular readers of Skank Blog may recognise material from Bad Brains, Dangerous Girls, Jah Scouse and Peter & The Test Tube Babies but there’s also a wealth of tracks we’ve been holding back until now, including the likes of The Slits, A Certain Ratio (as Sir Horatio), Vivien Goldman’s Chantage, and Ruts DC’s Pleasures Of The Dance which you can hear below.

All 13 tracks (or 14 on the CD) come wrapped in zine style packaging featuring an early shot of Bad Brains as captured by the Pulitzer prize winning photographer Lucian Perkins, and the booklet features liner notes by our own Ed Zed with the punk professor Vivien Goldman offering up some spiky insight with her fantastic foreword. All for a measly £7.99 on CD or £11.99 for the double vinyl.

Anyway, enough of the hard sell, get skanking to some Rhythm Collision business below whilst you cough up your readies for some of our rough house reggae.


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