An Unfair Cop

Having strayed into the reggae-est regions of punky reggae country for the last couple of entries, today we veer sharply back punkwards for a showdown with a right little bunch of snotrockets.

I first became aware of Denmark’s City X at the age of 12, when two of the three tracks from their debut e.p. featured on some doggone compilation I picked up from my old mate and punk mentor of sorts, Dave Disaster.

Evidently I was content with City X’s one ’77-style track and one hardcore track this comp served up, for it took me twenty years to get around to checking out the third installment on their entrée effort, and my stars, had I been missing out…

I honestly never thought I’d have the pleasure of featuring two unspeakably raw punky reggae rumbles from Denmark on these pages (the first being this one), but lo and behold, here we are. Only Cops Can, City X’s maddeningly infectious putdown of those killjoy boys in blue, is about as spiky as the dread can get; its Clash-y skank and terrace chant vocals galloping forth with such ferocity that frankly it borders on Oi.

I find it hard to tell with tracks like this whether those responsible are having a genuine crack at playing reggae, taking the piss, or simply following some dictum in the unofficial book of punk pieties. Regardless, there’s no escaping the fact that Only Cops Can is a mucky little joy to behold, and I guarantee that its preposterously noisy timbales (or possibly just a very tightly-wound snare drum) and dunderheaded teen punk mantra will ring in your ears like a blow from a copper’s truncheon for days to come.

(Dread Zed)

Why not:

And if you’re still interested:

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