The Anderson Tapes

I’ve often thought Laurie Anderson deserves a place here on Skank Blog but for the life of me, I couldn’t uncover a single track which truly fitted the bill, that is until I stumbled on her first 7″ It’s Not The Bullet That Kills You (It’s The Hole).

Pressed in ’77 by Holly Solomon Gallery for use in an Anderson installation which consisted of a jukebox playing her compositions, It’s Not The Bullet… is a down-home forerunner to Anderson’s other-worldly electronic excursions which would later propel her from the art community into the mainstream media by the ever reliable chance-taker John Peel, resulting in a grotesquely literal dance routine care of Pan’s People on Top Of The Pops.

But back to SoHo of the 1970’s and It’s Not The Bullet… captures it’s environment with a stop/start skank, tapping into traditionals via Anderson’s fiddle melody which at once conjures Cajun flavours whilst reflecting the loft-jazz dislocations of Leroy Jenkins.

Still following me? Probably not…

Almost a decade later – a performance of Sharkey’s Day from the Mr HeartBreak LP.

And finally, the aforementioned Pan’s People performance of O Superman (and get a load of presenter Peter Powell sleezing over Thereza Bazar from Dollar in the intro – the BBC in fine predatory form as ever).


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