French Skanking In The USA

Twice I’ve gone to write something about this record and then got sidetracked. The first time, I attempted to shoehorn French Reggae into a tribute to the director Tony Scott, and then tried once again in reference to a recent trip I took to the Côte d’Azur but really there’s no need to theme this piece as Berlin’s one shot at the one-drop sufficiently speaks for itself.

And besides, French Reggae really has little to do with France, much like these LA new wavers whom had nothing to do with Berlin.

So instead of blathering on, let’s just have a listen to this woefully overlooked b-side from the 1980 re-release of their A Matter Of Time single…

And how about a live performance of the A-side?

Finally, due to the conspicuous absence of singer Terri Nunn on the flip, it’s worth mentioning that she left the band for a short spell to pursue an acting career, appearing alongside Jeff Goldblum in the ill advised disco cash in Thank God It’s Friday, and here she is auditioning for the role of Princess Leia…

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