Suburban Prolapse

There is of course nothing in SBB’s remit stating that every record we feature should be a towering pillar of brilliance, and whilst most of them certainly aren’t far off, we do occasionally like to serve up some slightly iffier offerings to our readers.

And believe me, ladies and gents, they don’t come much iffier than Birmingham’s Suburban Studs.

The group began life in the mid-70s, originally as a glam outfit who managed to tack themselves onto early performances by The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks and The Clash, though they opted to punk up their sound after their glam schtick was deemed ‘laughable’ and ‘tacky’ by the press.

Unfortunately no amount of punking up could disguise the tackiness pedaled by these young scrotes, and as a result Suburban Studs serve only as a grim reminder of how punk’s ‘anyone can do it’ ethos could so often be taken too readily at face value.

It should be noted however, that they were one of the first punk acts to sign to an independent label (even if that label was named, tackily, Pogo Records) and that despite some unpardonably awful tracks littering their lone LP, Slam, there are one or two that engender some affection.

The accelerated glam punk of No Faith and the silly – because it was written by a grown man –  but anthemic I Hate School both have a place in my heart, and, even though it belongs in the ‘unpardonably awful’ pile, so does Necro, the Studs’ gruesome stab at punk/reggae fusion.

Falling somewhere between the realms of crap punk and reggae, and inching very slightly towards that of NWOBHM (it should be noted that The Studs supported AC/DC and Judas Priest on a 1977 tour), Necro is a bad song but an interesting one, and I guarantee you will get its maddening chorus stuck in your head at least once this week.


(Dread Zed)

And for all you aging school-haters:

Oh, sod it…

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