Gold Discs

Whether you were immersed in the horrible world of football last night, or at Lovebox hoping to see Grace Jones repeat her recent hoola-hoop performance for the queen, or you were quite simply unaware, BBC 6music gave us something to be jubilant about by letting our spiky associate Vivien Goldman loose on the airwaves for a 2 hour transatlantic journey, joining the dots betwixt the punk scenes of London and New York.

Luckily you can stream it for the next week on the BBC site, so go fill your boots.

Aside from some great tracks and commentary from the punk professor, there’s also the rare opportunity to hear Viv’s cover of Bob Marley’s Do It Twice by her shortlived post-modern pop outfit Chantage who released an Adrian Sherwood produced 12″ on Celluloid Records back in ’83. A record very dear to my heart which I’m proud to include on the soon to be released (finally!) Spiky Dread comp.

There’s also a snippet of her echo drenched PA Dub from a couple of years prior, the vocal version of which you can feast your ears on below…


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  1. reggie says:

    if you cant get a hard-on get a gun!

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