Sister Sludge

It’s been a few weeks since the last SBB offering, and looking back over the past few posts, we seem to have deviated quite far from the original punky-reggae remit.

So let’s get back into the the thick of the throng with some of the skankiest material you’re likely to hear on these pages.

Howzyasistah is about as murky as it gets, a ragged production which already sounded aged on it’s release in ’79 with overbearing tape hiss adding a welcome wooziness to the Hipsters’ prurient prowl.

This was the feral spawn of the lesser spotted Caravan member Geoffrey Richardson, a multi-instrumentalist, known to a select few for pushing musical boundaries with classical experimentalists The Penguin Cafe Orchestra and the aforementioned psych-jazz of Caravan.

Unlike Caravan and TPCO’s elongated careers and meandering tracks, the Hipsters’ output was brief and brash with only a 7″ and a couple of tracks on the Richardson produced comp First Offenders, released on Criminal Records in 1980 featuring a round up of local bands from the Canterbury scene which once spawned the cream of UK prog-rock.

And that’s about all I can tell you as I’m strapped for time and info, so instead, grab yourself some Otex before you hit play because we’re about to dirty up your ear canals…

The rotting R&B influenced Stuck On You from the First Offenders album…

Finally a departure in style for both Richardson and Caravan as he sings lead on their disco work-out Golden Mile from 1980 (penned by fellow Hipster John Atkinson).

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