Summer Dubbing

I’ve been looking for an excuse to include State Of Independence for some time now, I just didn’t expect the excuse to be such a sad one.

Yep, we’re lighting another candle at Skank Blog HQ after the devastating news that Donna Summer succumbed to cancer less than a day after we lost the godfather of go-go, Chuck Brown.

I would have gone straight in with the original of State Of Independence by Jon & Vangelis but it seems appropriate to salute Ms Summer with the big brash hands in the air version taken from her 1983 performance A Hot Summer Night With Donna.

And the sparser, glitchier version by Jon & Vangelis from ’81…

Donna was of course no stranger to the reggae beat, in fact an unlikely transatlantic crossover with our own dutchie passing pickneys Musical Youth cast her as the straight talking teacher, dealing with a class of sallow skinned reprobates before donning some glitzy garb, skipping school with the band and dancing with some traffic wardens, as you do.

And finally, Donna had only a handful of acting jobs, one of them was a recurring role as Aunt Oona in Family Matters. Here she is performing a rousing version of Amazing Grace hidden amongst some dubiously casual commentary on obesity…

Entirely unrelated but as I mentioned him above (and let’s not forget go-go’s association with spiky dons Bad Brains), here’s a clip of Chuck Brown performing a rare bit of go-go crossing over into calypso with Run Joe.

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One Response to Summer Dubbing

  1. Never cared for Donna, but this blog would be remiss w/o a mention of “Unconditional Love”. Now Chuck, yes, it’s a stretch to find a spiky dread connection, but screw it, Chuck is the MAN!! Go-Go is the BOMB!

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