Why MCA?

I know, I know, why do an Adam Yauch tribute days after the fact when Adam Yauch tributes currently make up about 75% of the internet’s content?

Well for starters we’ve already established Beastie Boys’ involvement in the spiky dread idiom. Secondly, he seemed like a nice guy, and finally why not?

I’ve been on the hunt to license Beastie Revolution for the comp for a while, an electronic journey which led me down a series of dead ends, I hassled the B-Boys management, bombarded Yauch’s film company Oscilloscope, and saddest of all, dropped a line to Day-Z Daze who released the Cooky Puss EP on his Rat Cage label, only to find out that he’d died of cancer himself a few years ago.

But enough with the sad stuff, instead let’s have a flick through the MCA back catalogue…

First up, my favourite Beastie Boys track Something’s Got To Give which encompasses all aspects of the BB’s output featuring the perfect balance of live performance steeped in funk and psychedelia, mixed up with studio trickery, hip hop sensibilities and a healthy dose of dubbing. Heard here live with a smattering of sirens and U-Roy samples…

There now follows a trio of slight obscurities from the interim period between Cooky Puss and License To Ill. The MCA & Burzootie 12″ on Def Jam is probably no revelation but some of you may not be as familiar with his guest spots on a brace of Arthur Baker produced freestyle tracks in the vain of Latin Rascals and their ilk. Everybody say “PUERTO RICO, HOOOOOOO…”

Finally, if you do happen to have another 48 minutes 48 seconds to spare, this is well worth a watch. Behold the Beastie’s throwing away what hadn’t already been lost of their budget for Paul’s Boutique on a launch party atop the Capitol Records HQ in LA featuring a dixieland band, personalised sky writing, and a perplexed David Berman reiterating the statement that the B-Boys are “stupid fresh”. It may come as no surprise that Berman soon quit as company president.

On that note I’d simply like to say that we at Skank Blog Bologna salute Adam Yauch for a flourishing three or so decades of fantastic music, A brave battle with cancer, and most of all, a nice choice of t-shirts…


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One Response to Why MCA?

  1. Sure, the web is awash with MCA tributes, but I was totally unaware of these rare appearances on wax. Thanks!

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