Garland Of A Thousand Dances

I was poised to post this track last week in honour of Big Youth’s birthday, then in a flurry of skanky girl pop I got sidetracked.

With belated birthday blessings going out to the punk approved deejay, I figured we should take a look at the guy who Mr Youth guested with on this occasion – Garland Jeffreys.

I’d raise a few eyebrows if I tried to pass Garland off as a punk but his genre twisting career has seen him defy the usually pigeonholing which affects most mainstream black artists, and let’s not forget that his debut single Wild In The Streets became something of a punk rock anthem in the hands of LA’s Circle Jerks.

In fact prior to signing to Atlantic in ’73, Jeffreys was infamous on the Manhattan folk circuit, mixing up folk and blues with afrocentric imagery and the kind of theatrics which echoed his association with the likes of Lou Reed and John Cale.

Jump forward a decade and it’s no surprise that when it came to making a couple of rock reggae crossovers, punky-dub dabbler Dennis Bovell was enlisted to man the faders, John Lydon’s main man Manley Buchanan aka Big Youth was handed a mic and the rest is a little piece of skanky history.

And the aforementioned Circle Jerks performing Wild In The Streets live in Los Angeles…

Finally some live footage of Garland garnered from the hallowed sound stage of The Old Grey Whistle Test, performing We The People sans Big Youth sadly but check out the  moves at the 4:37 mark as Jeffreys preempts the jumpstyle dance craze which swept Europe for a couple of weeks in the mid noughties.

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2 Responses to Garland Of A Thousand Dances

  1. dave lavis says:

    Never knew about any of these guys…We The People is a great track.

  2. reggie says:

    nice sssssssssssssssss

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