The Spilling Fields

We’ve already heard Blondie in action relocating some high-tidal rocksteady from Jamaica to downtown New York, and punking up the downbeat on Die Young Stay Pretty but just because the band took a well earned break in ’81 didn’t mean Debbie Harry dispensed with the spiky skank.

Her debut solo LP Koo Koo teamed Harry with disco dons Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic fame, delving deeper into the disco and rap dabbling of Blondie’s Rapture, which was inspired in turn by Chic’s own vicarious hiphop success via Rapper’s Delight.

Koo Koo also offers up a rare bit of Chic dropping their disco hats and rolling out the reggae licks with Inner City Spillover, heard here in it’s 12″ mix entirety, so press play and pop the scene…

Adding to the exotic mix on Koo Koo, HR Giger was draughted in to design the cover and direct a series of pop promos, displaying a surprisingly sensual (though still relatively unsettling) side to his normally nightmarish imagery. Below is a short doc featuring Giger and Harry discussing the collaboration.

And the result…

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