By Emmy Means Necessary

“It would be so nice” stated Madonna in her breakout single Holiday, and having just taken one myself, I can confirm it certainly was. But rather than wittering on about the wonders of Wiltshire, I thought we’d instead take a look at a lady who once went by the name of Emmy, and of course some of the ruffhouse reggae hidden amongst her early work as she straddled the scene of post-punk era New York City.

If you didn’t know, old Maddy first hit NYC in the late 70’s with 35 bucks to her name and some ballet training which got her a few backup dancing gigs, most notably with disco sensation Patrick Hernandez.

Not content with strutting stages, she joined new wave outfit The Breakfast Club as drummer before re-emerging as lead singer, recruiting boyfriend Stephen Bray and forming Emmy in 1980.

Which leads us to Emmy in action at Chase Park Club in NYC performing Simon Says, a song which borrows heavily from The Beat’s supercharged steppers take on the Two Tone sound.

And here’s a more polished product from her demo sessions before signing to Sire Records, the disco ska of Love On The Run hinting at the dancefloor direction of her eponymous debut a couple of years later.

Finally, due to a lack of John Lurie or Arto Lindsay scenes from Desperately Seeking Susan being up on youtube, you’ll have to make do with this soundbite from Thomas Newman’s soundtrack which echoes the downbeat electro dub of Art Of Noise’s Moments In Love.

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