The Quest For Kirk

Ok, so it doesn’t specifically relate to the track in question today, but following Tom’s title for yesterday’s Modern Clix piece I couldn’t very well resist, now could I?

The legendary Spizz’s most well-known contribution to the punk rock tapestry is of course the magnificently offbeat Where’s Captain Kirk, but it’s his dubbed-up dish from 1980 I want to jaw at y’all about this morn. And why it has taken me so long to add said dish to the pages of SBB remains a mystery to me.  Sorry Spizz.

Given the man’s curious custom of changing the name of his band once a year, it can be a little tough to keep track of which records belong under which banner – he recorded variously as Spizz Oil, Spizzenergi, The Spizzles, Spizz Orbit and Spizzenergi 2 before taking a breather in the mid-80s – but I can tell you for certain that today’s rock reggae romper is the work of his major label outfit, Athletico Spizz 80.

Concerning a small green area in E6 rather than the comparatively large and more famous one in NYC, the a-side version of Central Park is definitely more rock than reggae, though a few rototoms do reverberate, and there is a suspicion of guitar skanks at selected points.

The flip, however, contains a dizzying piece of post punk dub that borders on the psychedelic, which perhaps makes sense given that former Gong man Mike Howlett was in the producer’s chair.

Lurching along on its fractured meter, the CP Doctors & Nurses Dub occasionally calls to mind a parade of masks leering from the nightmare of White Noise’s schizoid pysch classic, An Electric Storm in Hell.

AS80’s superb LP, Do a Runner, released earlier the same year, is laced with some similar punky prog elements, though to my knowledge the Central Park dub is the only overt foray the band, under any of their various headings, made into skanky territory.

Shame, because as you’ll hear, they ain’t ‘alf bad at it, mum…

(Dread Zed)

And the a-side version:

And this, because frankly, it’s hilarious:

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