Dislocated Disco

We often stray from our own punky reggae remit at times but today’s post is actually about disco, or more specifically, disco made by post-punks. In fact even more specifically, disco made by British post-punks, as I’ve often thought the UK’s appropriation of that familiar four to the floor thud is overlooked in favour of our mutant-disco cousins in NYC.

And why pray tell am I entertaining such a skankless sub-genre? Well, I put this mix together back in 2008 for my mate Jonny Reggae’s radio show on Juice FM in Brighton, and while I was flipping through records it suddenly occurred to me how many of these punks had made a reggae track.

Imagine this eureka moment as a 10 watt light bulb sparking up above my head… and thus Spiky Dread was born.

The mix itself features a fair few of these artists so the link isn’t half as tenuous as it might initially have seemed, and despite the absence of our usual low slung skankings, there’s a healthy dose of disco dubbing going on, so put on your boots for dancing and head over to the discoteque where we’re busy getting dumb…

Dumb Down The Disco

and here’s the tracklist:

Glaxo Babies vs Wrongtom – Wrongtom Meets The Disco Dinosaurs
The Clash vs Wrongtom – Radio Edit
Rip Rig And Panic – Take A Don Key To Mystery
Coco Beware – Tropical Depression
Fad Gadget – Make Room
Public Image Limited – Death Disco (Live In Tokyo)
Orange Juice – Lord John White And The Bottleneck Train
Pig Bag – Getting Up
Boots For Dancing – Hypnotize
Return Of The Panthers – Crown Of Thorns (Wrongtom’s Disco Dub)
Au Pairs – Shakedown
Blank Students – I Want To Be Happy
Phil Daniels + The Cross – Kill Another Night
The Beat – Too Nice To Talk To
Penetration – Movement (Wrongtom’s Disco Dub)

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One Response to Dislocated Disco

  1. Alex says:

    any chance of an mp3 of this mix for the pod me ol muckah??

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