Spiky Ned aka Éamonn An Chronic

In a concerted effort to get back to regular posting, I’ve got just enough time to mention this slice of Gaelic gaiety.

Malcolm McAtee kindly gave us the heads up about this a while back, and not being particularly well versed in The Pogues’ oeuvre, I’d completely missed their foray into dub territories. Understandably of course, as Young Ned Of The Hill (Dub) sits snugly, hidden away on the b-side of their not-quite hit Misty Morning, Albert Bridge from ’89.

Though this may be a little later than our usual spiky fair, I can assure you that Young Ned hits the Skank Blog spot with a myriad of merry accordians and tin whistles, coming off like a skanky sea shanty, set to a dislocated disco beat.

It may also be worth noting that the vocal version is a cover of the Irish folk song Éamonn An Chnoic, an ode to a Robin Hood-like character who took to a life of banditry after killing a taxman in an altercation concerning a confiscated cow. Ok, maybe that wasn’t worth noting, anyway here they are performing the original live in ’92…

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