It’s Murder On The Dancefloor

This was brought to my attention a couple of years back by my midweek radio associate Mr Trick who’d found it in possibly the least likely place to upturn some skanky dirt, a cosmic disco compilation.

It turns out that not only did Culture Club have a more than impressive bash at dancehall with their b-side cut Murder Rap Trap but pitched up into chipmunk territories, it made a suitable soundtrack to a room full of spaced out disco lovers on a Daniele Baldelli led dancefloor in early 80’s Lazise.

The track itself is a more than competent take on uk reggae channeling the Roots Raddic’s Diseases Rhythm with a surprisingly prophetic nod to digital dancehall considering it dropped 3 years before Sleng Teng. In fact it’s shares some sonic similarities with King Tubby’s take on the digital style, Anthony Redrose’s Tempo.

amosOn mic duties, Boy George passed the torch to an unknown MC by the name of Captain Crucial (real name Amos Pizzey, pictured right), who’d got involved with the band at the tender age of 13 before working his way up the industry ladder from one time toaster to record company big shot, dealing with the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi, Proctor & Gamble, and spearheading the career of flamboyant house dj and former Haysi Fantayzee member Jeremy Healy.

So here it is, a tragically underrated slice of quasi-dancehall which first saw light of day on the flip of Culture Club’s I’m Afraid Of Me single from ’82.

And before you go, how about some footage of Culture Club performing their debut single White Boy on Australian TV show Countdown…


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3 Responses to It’s Murder On The Dancefloor

  1. droid says:

    Tempo? Its the diseases bassline with one note changed!

  2. casseticuts says:

    indeed, as i stated above but Diseases wasn’t digital, whereas Murder Rap Trap’s electronic drumtrack and handclaps have something of a Tempo-ish feel to them despite coming out a couple of years prior

  3. droid says:

    Lol. Yeah, thats what I get for skimming.

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