Scouse Music All Night Long

Say what? Nope you haven’t misread, this tasty musical morsel is by a bloke who goes by the name of Jah Scouse, and as deejays with the Jah prefix go, none made a record quite as spiky as Merge.

This mysterious 7″ from 1984 features an approximation of the kind of dulcet dancehall you’d find on a Junjo produced Greensleeves 12″ from the early 80’s. With the Moxham brothers of Young Marble Giants infamy handling rhythm duties and Scouse’s inimitable toasting, Merge comes off like the malnourished cousin of Wa Do Dem by Eeek-A-Mouse.

rollins_mackayeI came across this record in a suitably roundabout way, having been alerted to the name Jah Scouse a few years ago, I stumbled on a Henry Rollins podcast in a flurry of googling, in which he explains that Ian Mackaye from Fugazi played him the track, therein he’d spent a a few years on the hunt for his own copy.

I finally tracked down a copy which didn’t cost an arm and a leg in Canada of all places, a journey which I find quite fitting for a dancehall track produced by post punks, recorded in Brixton, featuring a Scouser chatting sporadically in Spanish, and released on a Welsh label.

Add to the equation Phil Legg of Essential Logic and Charles Llewelyn of Glaxo Babies on engineering duties, not to mention This Heat’s Charles Bullen dubbing up the Vegan Mix on the flip and you’ve got a top notch musical casserole.

Now bring on diseases…

And here’s the aforementioned Moxham brothers in action with Alison Statton in their Young Marble Giants guise…


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