Trapper’s Delight

Dispensing with the digital trickery, I’m bringing Skank Blog back to basics with a good old fashioned reggae punker.

This is a spiky dread record in all it’s feral glory. At a first glance you could almost mistake this for The Clash but whilst Strummer’s lyrics tended towards the right on, Peter & The Test Tube Babies were more Worthing than worthy, as these pathetique punks from Peacehaven helped put Sussex on the map.

There’s not much more that needs to be said about this track aside maybe mentioning that the poor “Trapper” in question was in fact their bassist Chris Marchent, who we can only assume had a sense of humour about the matter given it’s release on Trapper Records back in ’83. Of course if you don’t take this kind of talk lightly, I’d say leave this one well alone, otherwise find out just why Trapper Aint Got A Bird below…

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One Response to Trapper’s Delight

  1. Paul says:

    Well, he gets his own verse at the end, I suppose. It has always amused me that one of them is wearing a Black Uhuru baseball cap on the cover of their best-of CD,

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