Sex Education

So we don’t go from pillar to post, I’ve opted to follow up our BDP selection with another track not too far flung from the hip hop fraternity.

Released back in ’87, Cocaine Sex by Renegade Soundwave borrowed heavily from hip hop’s mechanical funk, with a foot firmly in their post-punk past and the other toe-tapping to industrial experiments. Add to that a revving synth bringing up the bottom end with more than a nod to (dare I say it again?) Sleng Teng, and we’re looking at punky dub’s digital successor at the end of the spiky dread time-line.

For those that need some harder evidence, RSW rose from the ashes of post-punk groups Rema Rema and Mass, also spawning goth deniers The Wolfgang Press and even one of Adam’s Ants. Joining the Rhythm King roster in ’86, Cocaine Sex was their sophomore single, developing on their brand of dark dubby electronic trickery laid bare on their debut Kray Twins.

As with the 1st release, Cocaine Sex came replete with remixes, all produced in-house, preempting their pioneering of the dub LP in dance and indie music, the best of the bunch being the Sub-Aqua Overdrive version. It’s worth noting that this mix appeared as a “censored radio version” when the label pussied out and tried to release it as Cooking Sex. Also of note is engineer Mark “Dubfire” Smith, renowned for his dub workouts with Addis Rockers, Soul II Soul and even afrobeat drummer Tony Allen.

I digress once again so spare yourself from my ramblings with the Sub-Aqua Overdrive Dub mix.

And if you’ve got 10 minutes spare I can highly recommend this TV spot from ’87 with Gary Asquith and Danny Briottet promoting the single, discussing the Cooking Sex debacle, name checking Rammellzee and J Saul Kane (in his Grimm Death guise) and slagging off Pop Will Eat Itself, before getting their teeth into Kylie Minogue.

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2 Responses to Sex Education

  1. undeleted says:

    Tune. And that was always my favourite version too ..

  2. James J says:

    Top stuff – cheers. Big up RSW!

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