Full Of Grace

Much like Thursday’s exodus with X-O-Dus, today’s selection boasts reggae credentials which would suggest it’s not part of the Bologna menagerie. Indeed, by the time Private Life was conceived, Sly & Robbie were the go-to guys for a solid dancehall rhythm section but with the untamed Miss Jones on mic duties, it was never going to be standard steppers fair. Add to the mix Chris Blackwell’s big business production and the seemingly incongruous guitar of Pacific Drifter Barry Reynolds, and we’ve got the makings of another uneasy skanker.

dolph-jonesPrivate Life and it’s accompanying LP Warm Leatherette marked Jones’ first foray away from disco following a trio of albums produced by disco innovator and part time catalogue model Tom Moulton. With label boss Blackwell taking over production duties, Jones was plucked from the danceteria and returned to her Caribbean roots with the Chrissie Hynde penned Private Life but despite the obvious Pretenders avenue into our punky playlist, it’s actually the B-side we’re concerned with here.

Yep, the unlikely combination of disco-chanteuse, dancehall-dons and a dubbed out rework of Joy Division’s She’s Lost Control is exactly the kind of Creolean chimera which endears our Grace to these pages. It’s unlikely that you don’t know this record so I’ll save you any more spiel and let you get your teeth into the 12″ mix and an interview with Don Lane from ’82 featuring Private Life performed live…


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