We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off

It may come as a surprise but I don’t actually own a copy of The Slit’s debut Cut. I’ve spent the last couple of decades meaning to pick it up, I vividly remember a copy adorning the wall at Kingston’s Ronseal-esque vinyl emporium The Record Shop back when I had my first job but for some reason I passed up the opportunity in favour of albums by the likes of Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Ragga Twins and *gulps loudly* Doo Bop by Miles Davis.

It may also come as a surprise that I prefer their follow up from ’81 Return Of The Giant Slits, which again I don’t own, this time because it was stolen; testament to it’s greatness I like to believe.

Further surprises may ensue when I say my favourite Slits track is actually a non Dennis Bovell production – the dub of their Paragons cover Man Next Door, released on 7″ by Y records during the band’s brief major label sabbatical in 1980, and produced by On-U mastermind Adrian Sherwood. In fact I used it to open a short spiky dread mixtape I made last month if you fancy a listen.

But on to ’81 and back to the Bovell for some atonal horn skanking over a smattering of cowbells and scattering hi-hats while Ari warbles and whines about stinking tube journeys and melting shopkeepers hearts. What’s not to like about Improperly Dressed..?

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