I’m Raven, I’m Raven

I stumbled upon this slinky little number in a roundabout fashion at 5am this morning, having woken from a slew of nightmares one of which featured a bag of flesh hungry caterpillars and a lady appearing in my toilet, warning me not to eat the chicken at my local Chinese take away.

So there I sat, nursing a cup of sleepy time tea, making some notes for my Cliff Martinez related selection for tonight’s Mr Trick & Wrongtom show (plug plug), and marveling at the artwork for Red Hot Chili Peppers’ eponymous debut.

I took a quick glance through some favourite Gary Panter covers but what I didn’t know is, Panter was sporadically responsible for that wonderful stuff you find hidden within such sleeves. What’s more, the first example I came across was produced by The Residents and tagged electronic, reggae, rock over at Discogs.

Erratum: this’ll teach me to write this stuff on no sleep, I’ve just realised that Panter’s release, also on The Resident’s Ralph label was a separate entity from the Snakefinger single which follows, though that’s clearly a Panter produced print for the gorilla 7″ sleeve which I guess is how I came to this point. Anyway, on that note…

With the sound of Annie Potts yelling “WE GOT ONE” over at Bologna HQ, I tentatively pressed play on Kill The Great Raven to be greeted with the exact kind of insidious skanking we cherish, peppered with unnerving vocal interludes, ping pong percussion, and (possibly) an oud solo meandering into the fade out.

I don’t yet own a copy of this 7″ so if you do happen to pip me to the post on ebay, or I see you bagging it before me in some ratty old record exchange, I promise I’ll hunt you down and… shake your hand for having such discerning taste.

And you might well enjoy watching this animation accompanying the a-side What Wilbur?

What? There’s more? Of course, I couldn’t leave you without the obligatory live clip…

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