Fala La Means I Love You

I’m afraid if you’re expecting some meat and potatoes in today’s blog post you’ll be sorely disappointed. Due to the paucity of info about Polish punk, this is more of a bare bones kind of post, bar a nice pierogi in the form of some flute-led reggae from behind the iron curtain.

Lew Ja I Ja Dub by Kultura features on the Fala compilation from 1985 which, if I’m not mistaken, showcased punk and post punk bands originally released on Poland’s cassette only label of the same name.

The only other nugget I can offer is Kultura featured Polish punk mainstay Piotr Żyżelewicz who sadly passed away a couple of months back. If you’re not familiar with the name Żyżelewicz, he moonlighted with new-wavers Kryzyks and Voo Voo, supplied the ferocious backbeat for hardcore band Muskwa and even teamed up with Brummy dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah on one occasion.

As that’s about all I can muster on this dreary Tuesday morning, you’ll have to make do with this Baltic badboy…

And if that’s a little too together for your Skank Blog tastes, then check out Muskwa battling through some Bob Marley…

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