Die Eisheiligen Cometh

I’ve been waist-deep in machine music and driving tests for the past week and a half, so my contributions have, unfortunately, had to take something of a back seat (fnarr) until now. Here’s a cold classic to get your snowploughs into, however…

Furst Puckler und die Eisheiligen (Furst Puckler and the Icemen) are an anomaly to say the least. A seven-piece outfit from Berlin who look like Kajagoogoo fronted by Don Johnson release a one-off single containing a slice of political electro-tinged reggae on the a-side, and a punky new wave rant about Unilever on the flip.
Couldn’t make it up, could you?

I picked up a copy of this eccentric effort after hearing the title track, Schneeman Ade, on a compilation recently, and I’ve been semi-obssessed with it ever since.
From what I can glean, the song is a protest against East Germany’s involvement in the Ogaden War between Somalia and Ethiopia in the late 70s (though I would welcome correction from anyone who speaks better German and has a broader knowledge of Cold War history than I), and it bears more than a passing resemblance, musically speaking, to Grace Jones’s My Jamaican Guy.

Steelpan-ish synth, rototoms and possibly the thinnest-sounding guitar ever committed to tape interlaced with half-whispered vocals and a dash of Nazi-pastiche ranting make for a queer old brew to say the least – and one that you should guzzle down immediately right here:

(Dread Zed)

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