Yemen: First Class

A brief blog today in keeping with the terse tracks I’ve selected, this time from a group with an equally short career.

As Mr Zed pointed out last week, Lizzy Mercier Descloux dropped her dislocated-disco facade to dabble in a bit of quasi-dancehall in her latter days but if we rewind back to ’79, there’s some reggae infused filth from her 1st group Rosa Yemen.

Their eponymous EP is a minimal affair, including three scratchy tracks, barely more than skits which sound like the illegitimate offspring of Patti Smith’s Redondo Beach. Essentially a two piece, Rosa featured the mutterings and messthetics of Mercier on guitar and vocals with boyfriend and ZE label boss Michel Esteban responsible for the rhythm.

The entire EP will barely take up ten minutes of your life but I can promise you they’ll be ten or so minutes well spent…

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