There Will Be, Blood

I’m keeping it continental for today’s installment with some Dutch dub from the early 80’s.

There’s very little I can tell you about this record or the band Bloodclat who feature, simply because I can’t read a word of Dutch, though the date and place help set the scene.

Onutrechtse Toestaden is a live album recorded at NV Huis in Utrecht back in 1981, a venue which I gather was at one time a concert hall that had fallen into disrepair, and by the turn of the 80’s offered opportunist shelter to the ne’er do wells of Netherlands’ struggling punk scene. Flanked by the authorities, unhappy with these upstarts sitting unpretty in their venue, riots raged until the revelers were given the green light to continue gigging which, I’m assuming, brings us up to date with this gig which took place on 11/9/81.

The recording is sufficiently scruffy, featuring rough-neck rock n roll courtesy of the gloriously named Dangerous Pyjamas and Klein Orkest’s brand of knees-up new wave with a heavy nod to Two Tone. Sitting snugly between them was Bloodclat, who sound almost too authentic to be tarred with the Skank Blog brush. However, the setting, and the satisfying sketchiness of “1981” makes them prime pickings for our aural perusal.

Incidentally, if anyone with information on Bloodclat (or anything to do with this record) fancies sharing, then please feel free to get in touch as I’d love to know more.

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