Once More Unto The Beach Dear Friend

horses1Last summer I went looking for Redondo Beach – the weather was dismal. Aside staring out at the Pacific from a drizzle drenched pier and wasting a couple of hours in a neglected arcade battling my friend Greg Belson on Galaga, I couldn’t get Patti Smith’s song out of my head.

Originally published as a poem in “Kodak” back in ’72, “Redondo Beach” was recorded, then lost, then re-recorded finally making it onto Smith’s seminal debut Horses in ’75.

pongPossibly the 1st official incidence of a punk reggae hybrid, a song about a beach could be construed as a cliche for a rock-reggae recording. In fact Redondo Beach was a popular destination (or perhaps a safe-haven) for lesbians at the time. With the back drop established, Patti tells the tale of an untimely suicide and a love that never was; a kind of sufferers music The Kingstonians never imagined.

Despite his infamous “reggae is vile” comment, Morrissey released his own live version a few years back but never mind that right now, instead check out Patti in action on the aforementioned Horses LP…

And here Patti discusses the once lost original recording which now features on her “Land” LP…


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