The Cry Baby Killer Inside Me

I’m knee deep in pop and raging against the clock today so I’ve enlisted the help of my transatlantic counterpart Ed to shed some light on cross-pollinating punks from across the pond, over to you Mr Zed…

Time to shore up Skank Blog’s Stateside walls I believe, with an eerie little morsel from L.A’s legendary Flesh Eaters.

fleshflyerCry Baby Killer features on the band’s fabulous long player from 1980, No Questions Asked; a seminal backyard punk album riddled with the brooding poetry of frontman Chris Desjardins, or Chris D, as he is more commonly known.

The track shares its name with Jack Nicholson’s debut picture (Chris D. was a film school graduate and often used b-movies as subject matter for his songs), but the lyrics tell a far darker tale of tragedy and persecution, providing a deeply disquieting noir-ish twist to this insidious gem.

live fleshThe Flesh Eaters were, in a way, something of a supergroup, featuring, at various points, members of such ‘aristocratic’ L.A. outfits as X, The Plugz, Wall of Voodoo, The Blasters, and even Los Lobos (!), while the multi-talented Chris D. has worked as a music critic, actor, director and producer, and now teaches film history in San Francisco.

Somewhere during his alarmingly prolific career however, he gave the world a four-and-a-half minute lesson in how to stir up a murky soup of horror, reggae and punk and make it very unsettling indeed. Enjoy…

(Dread Zed)

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