Tide Marks

There probably isn’t a bigger record to be found on these pages than Blondie’s cover of “The Tide Is High” but had the band stood firm with their early arrangement, I’d imagine they’d have been locked out of the studio. Thankfully producer Mike Chapman worked his magic and the outcome reached the upper echelons of the pop charts knocking Barbra Streisand off the UK top spot in the Autumn of 1980.

TVThat’s not to say the early rendition wasn’t amazing but I can’t imagine Babs worrying about the chart competition, what with Walter Steding churning out ear drum perforating  violin shrills behind Debbie Harry barking the lyrics from a dog eared scrap of paper. I warn you, this clip from Glen O’Brienn’s TV Party is loud, abrasive and most of all bloody marvelous – here’s two fingers to anyone who scoffs at this single being a spiky dread moment…

It’s also worth mentioning Siw Inger’s almost identical remake, aside from being in German, and featuring one of, if not the greatest Barbarella-esque giant lizard meets phallus obsessed painter videos ever committed to tape.

And why not have a butchers at the trailer for the TV Party documentary which you can read more about here.



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