For A Sides

bologna1st post and what better way to get the ball rolling than with the collapsible skank of Scritti Politti’s “Is And Ought The Western World”? Self released by the champions of ‘messthetics’ soon after their debut gig in November 1978, this is the scratchy reggae infused flip to the EP’s title track Skank Bloc Bologna, the name of which I’ve shamelessly appropriated for my own means here. This wont be the last time you’ll be hearing of Scritti on this blog but for now, feast your ears on this…


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2 Responses to For A Sides

  1. Jake says:

    Got the original 7″ of this with the handprinted label and photocopied sleeve. Classic early Scritti. Green is such an underrated talent – met him a couple of times and he’s a lovely chap too.

  2. casseticuts says:

    Indeed he is highly underrated with many a string to his bow. I’m also in the Skank Bloc 7″ owners club, a scruffy yet wonderful little package.

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